Marcangelo Limited

Welcome to Marcangelo limited

After many years in which he was employed by leading companies, Marcangelo Limited was founded by Gino Marcangelo in 2003 to provide high quality professional training, consultancy and engineering services for the broadcast television industry.

Focused on broadcast

Our focus is on the technological needs of the broadcast industry. Our job is to anticipate those needs and provide a range of unique training resources and bespoke services.

Our services

  • Broadcast Manufacturer Training
  • Bespoke Training Solutions
  • Broadcast Engineering and Consultancy Services
  • Technical Authoring


Our own broadcast training courses

We have also created a growing portfolio of unique courses that have been written specifically for broadcast professionals in the 21st century.

The courses are focused on broadcast engineering and operations. The courses are designed to explore how established technologies, such as automation, function and explain new emerging technologies where skill gaps have been observed.

Our clients

We work with a range of clients in the industry, from the biggest names in broadcasting to broadcast equipment manufacturers, broadcast system integrators and many others. Our client list includes: Avid, Ericsson, Grass Valley, HarrisSky, Snell and Sony.

Increasingly, our clients have included organisations, such as educational, media, recruitment and financial institutions.