SQM – Maintaining Microsoft SQL for Broadcast Engineers

SQM – Maintaining Microsoft SQL for Broadcast Engineers


Classically databases have been used to store large passive data sets. However current trends in software design mean that databases are commonly being employed to hold configuration and functional data. Inevitably this has trickled into the realm of mission critical software products used in the broadcast industry. Many such products rely entirely on Structured Query Language (SQL) databases to function.

Often the favoured version of SQL is Microsoft’s. The company produces a suite of SQL products which are used extensively with broadcast software. It has therefore become vital that broadcast engineers understand the basics of SQL and can maintain the Microsoft SQL engine.

The course

This course has been designed for broadcast engineers who may find they have to support broadcast products based around the Microsoft SQL suite. The primary focus will be on supporting existing Microsoft SQL systems as opposed to programming or designing SQL relational databases from scratch. However the course will demonstrate this.

It is understood that delegates will want to discuss their own products in detail and the course structure allows for this.

There will be multiple practical labs with networked hosts running SQL. The delegates will able to see first-hand the functionality of the product.


Basic understanding of broadcast television concepts, basic grounding in IT and networking.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for broadcast engineers and others who wish to understand the fundamentals of SQL and learn about maintaining and managing Microsoft SQL databases.

Learning outcomes

Delegates will:

1. Understand the history and thinking behind SQL and learn about the structural nature of SQL databases.

2. Understand the relationship between broadcast products and SQL databases.

3. Learn how to create an SQL database and execute fundamental SQL commands for data retrieval and manipulation.

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